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  • iSportz Club & Team Management System(CTMS)
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  • iSportz Member Management System (MMS)
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CTMS centralizes club & team data to automate & personalize interactions

iSportz CTMS helps sports clubs and teams to save time with communication, scheduling, registration, rosters, and game information. It also centralizes the Club and Team data to automate and personalize interactions.

Effectively manage your sports club and maintain the member database efficiently

Organize & supervise your team activity with a detailed overview of schedules

Grow your club by offering a hassle- free experience for member fee collection

Management dashboards for viewing user registration data and gaining insights into the club and team operations


Fast and flexible member registration and management

iSportz MMS is a fast and flexible member registration and management SaaS product facilitating the registration of individuals and club members using an easy-to-use portal

Multiply your revenue and accelerate growth with an upscale range of digital member capabilities

We safe guard your data and privacy with advanced security features

Improve efficiency by gathering profound insights about your members and create personalized member strategies

Boost your member with straight-forward checkout and exclusive, member-only discounts and promotions


Unified and scalable event registration and management

iSportz EMS is a unified and scalable sports event registration and management SaaS product for various sports events managed by nationwide clubs and organizations.

Keep track of all your sports events in an organized fashion with a centralized event management hub

Streamline all your processes for quick and seamless action, thus saving time

Cut down your costs through detailed analytics reports and maximize return on investment (ROI)

Segregate individual elements, such as ticket sales and event registration to better analyze and improve performance


A robust, flexible learning management solution for Sports

iSportz LMS is a robust, flexible learning management solution for sports that incorporates an interactive sports learning suite with designated user-specific dashboards to enhance the learning experience for users.

Allows users to choose classes, lessons, and assignments based on their preferences

Drives understanding of the elemental game protocols and regulations to decrease the likelihood of injuries

Provision for display badges and leaderboards for healthy competition and positive outcomes

Improve your athlete morale and leadership skills with effective sports leadership training courses


Club and Team

Create and manage clubs and teams, including rosters, schedules, standings, and statistics. Track player attendance, performance, and availability.


Manage member information, including contact details, payments, registrations, and waivers. Send personalized messages and notifications to members.


Create and manage events, including tournaments, games, and practices. Set up schedules, locations, and referees. Track attendance and results.

Learning & Certification

Create and manage educational content, such as drills, plays, and training videos. Assign content to players and teams. Track progress and performance.

Community engagement

Create and manage social media posts, discussion forums, and other communication channels. Engage with members and build a strong community.

Merchandise and fundraising tools

Get insights into your organization's performance with powerful reporting and analytics tools. Track participation, revenue, and other key metrics.


Save time & resources

iSportz helps you save time and resources by automating many of the tasks involved in running a sports organization.

Improve communication and engagement

iSportz helps you improve communication and engagement with your members by providing a variety of communication tools, such as social media posts, discussion forums, and push notifications.

Increase participation

iSportz helps you increase participation in your sports organization by making it easy for members to register for events and teams.

Generate revenue

iSportz helps you generate revenue by providing merchandise and fundraising tools. Gain valuable insights: iSportz helps you gain valuable insights into your organization's performance with powerful reporting and analytics tools.

Sign Up and Reduce Your Costs by Upto 40%

Whether you are using a legacy sports management solution or considering a new SaaS product, we will reduce your costs by upto 40%

Online Registration

Managing a sports team, events, and leagues has become simpler and more effective. Online registration and scheduling can all be streamlined with the iSportz Sports Management Platform.

Reports & Insights

With our platform, you have the ability to generate reports across multiple parameters, track valuable insights and analytics, and facilitate your team's progress towards achieving positive outcomes.

Billing & Payments

Automated Billing and Online Payment methods make managing and keeping track of things so much easier. Clients can pay instantly through any payment method convenient for them.

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Sports Management Software

Sports management software, also known as sports software, is a powerful tool that helps sports organizations manage and streamline their operations. This software platform offers a range of features and functionalities that can be customized to fit the unique needs of any sports organization, including league management, scheduling, registration, and communication.With sports management software, coaches, administrators, and players can easily access information and stay connected, making running their teams and leagues easier. Additionally, sports software can provide valuable insights and analytics to help organizations make data-driven decisions and improve performance. Overall, sports management software Platform is essential for any sports organization looking to enhance their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve their goals.

Sports Club & Team Management Software

Sports Club & Team Management Software is a comprehensive solution that helps sports organizations manage all aspects of their operations. With the help of sports club management software, coaches, administrators, and players can easily communicate, schedule games and practices, manage team rosters, track player performance, and much more.This type of software is designed to streamline the day-to-day tasks associated with running a sports club or team, freeing up more time for coaches and administrators to focus on strategic planning and player development. Club & league management apps also provide an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for anyone involved in a sports organization to stay connected and up-to-date. Overall, sports club & team management software is an essential tool for any sports organization looking to improve their operations, enhance communication, and maximize the potential of their team or club.

Sports Registration Software

Sports registration software makes signing up for teams, leagues, and organizations easier. The registration procedure is more comfortable and accessible thanks to online sports registration software, which enables participants and their families to sign up for youth and club sports while relaxing in their homes.The administration of player data is made simpler for administrators by using sports registration software, which also aids clubs and leagues in streamlining their registration procedures. Insights and analytics from this kind of player registration software may also assist companies in making data-driven decisions about how to allocate resources and which initiatives to fund. Sports registration software is a crucial tool for any sports organization aiming to streamline the registration process, boost productivity, and enhance the player and family experience.

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