Sports Management
Made Easy with an
Integrated SaaS Platform

iSportz Sports Management SaaS Platform enables the sports community to be more productive, better connected, and more engaged than ever before by offering a compelling user experience (UX), advanced analytics, and deep product-level integration.

iSportz Sports Management SaaS Platform Modules


CTMS centralizes club & team data to automate & personalize interactions

iSportz CTMS helps sports clubs and teams to save time with communication, scheduling, registration, rosters, and game information

Effectively manage your sports club and maintain the member database efficiently

Organize & supervise your team activity with a detailed overview of schedules

Grow your club by offering a hassle- free experience for member fee collection

Management dashboards for viewing user registration data and gaining insights into the club and team operations

Product Features

Convenient Registrations

Convenient CTMS registrations, open a new season registration and update team and player data

Schedule & Game Information

Schedule and game information to easily search upcoming schedules and gather relevant game information

User-specific Profiles

Data is consolidated in one place and users can access it anytime, anywhere

Registration & Management Tools

Registration & management tools to make payments, renew club fees and dues, process refunds all using one platform

Connecting the Sports Community

Find your favorite sports community, connect and share trending score updates on social media

Access on-the-go

CTMS is cloud-based, mobile responsive, allowing users to manage activities on the go


Fast and flexible member registration and management

iSportz MMS is a SaaS product facilitating registration of
individuals and club members using an easy-to-use portal

Multiply your revenue and accelerate growth with an upscale range of digital member capabilities

We safe guard your data and privacy with advanced security features

Improve efficiency by gathering profound insights about your members and create personalized member strategies

Boost your member with straight-forward checkout and exclusive, member-only discounts and promotions

Product Features

Online Registration

With just a few clicks, member registration is made easy for potential users to register and redeem member benefits

Member Dashboard

Member dashboard offers comprehensive details on member types and provides access to member information

Data Insights and Reports

Tracks users by diverse member types and compares performance over time with a detailed analytics report

Payments and Donations

Ease-of-use for processing payments, member adjustments, and user donations

Third-party Integrations

Integration with third-party systems, such as National Conference Services, Inc (NCSI) and SafeSport

Member-only functions

Sign up for/renew members directly for members with special discount links and access to member digital card


Unified and scalable event registration and management

iSportz EMS is a SaaS product for event registration and management for various sports events managed by nationwide clubs and organizations

Keep track of all your sports events in an organized fashion with a centralized event management hub

Streamline all your processes for quick and seamless action, thus saving time

Cut down your costs through detailed analytics reports and maximize return on investment (ROI)

Segregate individual elements, such as ticket sales and event registration to better analyze and improve performance

Product Features

Online event registration

Seamless registration process driving better audience engagement and increased revenue

Automated event wait list

Automate the event waiting list for the users and streamline the waiting procedure

Fees and payment

Easy online payment, calendar notifications for users to make due payments

Roster setup

With unified registration and player information, rostering teams is a breeze, saves significant time

Event marketing and waiver

Drive event promotions via built-in marketing and communication tools

Discounts and Promo Codes

Provide discounts, promo codes, and similar exciting offers to boost ticket sales


A robust, flexible learning management solution for Sports

iSportz LMS incorporates an interactive sports learning suite with designated user-specific dashboards to enhance the learning experience for users

Allows users to choose classes, lessons, and assignments based on their preferences

Drives understanding of the elemental game protocols and regulations to decrease the likelihood of injuries

Provision for display badges and leaderboards for healthy competition and positive outcomes

Improve your athlete morale and leadership skills with effective sports leadership training courses

Product Features

Intuitive Training

With a highly intuitive user interface, learners can participate in on-screen quizzes, and benefit from interactive learning

User-friendly Dashboards

User-friendly dashboards to organize courses, lessons, and assignments and keep track of learning progress

Flexible Credit level options

Provide flexible CEU credits to users and incentivize their efforts in learning

Data Insights and Reports

Gain insights into progress across learning content, surveys, and assessments and enhance learning experience

Seamless Safesport Integration

Seamlessly integrates with third-party systems complying with SafeSport regulations

Mobile Support

Supports offline mode and user access across both iOS and Android platforms


Collaborative approach to sports social media and networking

iSportz Sports Social platform unifies the sports community members with social media integration and a wide range of features necessary for driving sports engagement

Enhanced sharing and collaboration among like-minded sports enthusiasts and followers

Organize your team, attract new talent from various marketing avenues, and gain sponsorships

Real-time updates on sports events, grow fanbase and drive engagement

Actionable insights to identify the right influencers and sponsors for your brand

Product Features

Live Streaming of Events

Instant live streaming of sports events with enhanced viewer experience

Player Analytics

Comprehensive insights into player and game performance with built-in analytics

Game Prediction

Analyze and predicts game day results, encourage winners with incentives

Social Media Integration

asy peer-to-peer connections and social-sharing of events and updates

Mobile and Web Applications

Compelling UX for web and mobile-first applications, accessible across all devices

Personalized Profile

Create a personalized, social profile and network to join your favorite club and/or team